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Telcotech is Cambodia’s trusted choice of Telecommunication Infrastructure and Associated Services Provider.
Founded in 2007, Telcotech Ltd has been a Telecommunication Infrastructure and Associated Services Provider, a part of the Royal Group of Companies in Cambodia. With a 30,000-kilometer-long fiber optic network, our international connection encompasses terrestrial and submarine cable networks. Telcotech’s international POPs in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore are linked with Tier-1 providers and partners and have complete Redundancy and High Service Availability. Telcotech is also a member of the AAG & MCT Submarine Cable Consortiums. Telcotech implemented its quality-management system and earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification as Cambodia’s first and only Telecom InfraCo then to achieve this global recognition.

Telcotech Ltd launched in 2007 as a wholly owned Cambodian company and has developed rapidly in order to accommodate international partnership commitments. Its key stakeholders have unrivalled knowledge and experience of business in Cambodia inside and outside of the telecommunications industry as well as at an international level.

Licensed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to develop and operate submarine fibre optic cabling and associated network infrastructure, Telcotech’s primary objective is to help further Cambodia’s economic and social development by providing superior technology solutions to support telecommunications carriers and major enterprises in providing better services to their customers.