“To be the Most Trusted Provider of International Telecommunications Infrastructure and Associated Services in Order to Aid the Development of Cambodian Technology Industry, Economy and Society!”

Our Company

Telcotech Ltd launched in 2007 as a wholly owned Cambodian company and has developed rapidly in order to accommodate international partnership commitments.

Our Network

Telcotech has the most robust underground domestic fibre network throughout Cambodia with full redundancy and Service Availability at 99.99%. Over 11,000km Fibre optic network nation-wide and international network Telcotech connect with Tier 1 to its POPs Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Telcotech is the consortium member of the AAG & MCT Submarine cable.

Submarine Cable

The company’s new submarine cable system Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT), the first submarine cable system in Cambodia is expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2017.

News & Events

Keep update with Telcotech’s news and events to further explore telecommunications world.

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