Telcotech At A Glance

Telcotech At A Glance

Telcotech is the sole Cambodian member of the Asia American Gateway, a 20,000km network of high bandwidth submarine cable that connects the US to South East Asia, and various other major fiber networks – extending our connectivity around the globe.

This key partnership allows Telcotech to offer a superior level of uninterrupted connectivity to Asia and the world at highly cost effective rates.

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International Partners

Telcotech also maintains constructive working relationships with a variety of domestic, regional and global data and telecommunications partners to ensure they have their client’s needs covered, regardless of where or what they may be.

Telcotech At A Glance

Cambodian Backbone

Telcotech has invested in developing an underground fiber backbone and core transmission network in the most commercially relevant areas of the country, namely in and around major urban centers and throughout greater Phnom Penh.

This initial network was launched in 2009 and has been deployed along major national routes with connections into both Vietnam and Thailand to increase redundancy and the efficiency of service.

Telcotech At A Glance

Network & Service Upgrades

Telcotech is committed to continuing the development of their Network through the expansion of their physical infrastructure and the development of new services. These new developments, while keeping the Telcotech customer’s ahead of technology, will bring in unique business values that will enhance our customers business potential.

Telcotech At A Glance

Telcotech Products

The Telcotech vision of innovation and development is not only evident throughout their corporate culture but can also be seen in their portfolio of carrier grade products and cutting edge services.

Utilizing Telcotech’s integrated solutions will enable our partners to concentrate on acquiring new customers whilst having confidence in a structured, well managed and dependable support team.

Telcotech offers cost effective managed solutions for Internet Service Providers, telecommunication companies and enterprises that requires specialized connectivity.